About Us

We engineer your imagination!

Axion Imagineering is a dynamic, innovative company set up to meet the challenges of the modern market by providing its clients with creative design solutions. Undertaking of all kind of construction and technical contracts, specializing in civil, interior and exterior projects, we have assembled a management team of expertise and knowledge in each particular field using the most advanced technology.
Axion Imagineering is specializing in:
• Civil construction.
• Interior construction.
• Creative design.
• Soft and hard Landscaping.
• Themed rockwork and
• Materials supply.
Combining the expertise of our architects and civil engineers with a 20 years experience on the field, we provide sustainable, aesthetic surroundings for business, home, leisure and entertainment.


What can we do?

Axion Imagineering has specialist engineers in:

  • Civil Construction
    • Private Villas and Small Buildings
  •  Interior Construction
    • Commercial Outlets
    • Offices
    • Residential
    • Hotels
  • Creative Design
  • Soft and Hard Landscaping
    • Swimming Pools and Gazebos
    • Facades
    • Stamped Concrete
    • Lighting
    • Plantation, Irrigation, Maintenance
  • Themed Rockwork
  • Material Supply
    • Floor and Wall Finishes
    • Furnishings (Commercial and Residential)
    • Lighting
    • Kitchen and Bathroom

Our Clients