Themed Rockwork

rock work

Axion Imagineering recreates realistic and beautiful habitats for any given project on preformance-based, ecological, and sustainable green architceture. We pride ourselves on quality and are known throughout the world as one of the best exhibit fabricators.

To further enhance our strive for perfection, Imagineering has been awarded the Best National Shotcrete 2011 Award for the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort at the Al Ain Zoo, UAE.

Guided by nature, our passion for innovative designs has lead to the development of stunning landscape projects. Using the expertise and talented capabilities of our staff, coupled with the latest construction techniques, we recreate realistic and beautiful habitats and environments for:

  • Water Parks
  • Zoos
  • Botanical Garden
  • Environmental and Conservation Projects
  • Hotels
  • Palaces and Private Villas
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