Hard and Soft Landscape


Being Creative with Engineering

Balance and proportion in hard and soft landscape is essential in the garden as a place of sanctuary.

With our team of landscape, irrigation, and horticulture engineers we secure our clients with the best quality and price for the finished product.

Landscape Services include the following:

Swimming Pools and Gazebos

We offer the full range of water feature construction services and maintenance including pools, spas, lakes and other themed Aquatic projects for both private and commercial Clients. At the forefront of technical development, we can meet the most challenging specifications for any water feature.
Gazebos provide a convenient gathering place for family and friends. It’s the perfect compliment to your garden.


We supply and install a range of façade finishes using render and cladding systems, for both refurbishment and new built systems. We source products from local and international markets that are of high quality and performance with unique architectural aesthetic qualities. Insulation against noise and a broad range of sustainable, thermal and energy efficient products that offer large energy savings to building owners.

Stamped Concrete

The versatility of imprinted concrete is almost unlimited. Any texture in the natural or built environment can be cost effectively replicated using our Imaginecrete system. Used with our premium quality color hardener system the textured Architectural concrete and cementicious toppings create beautiful sidewalks, driveways, entries, pool decks and patios compatible with any style of décor.


Astonishing lighting solutions that will bring your space to life.
We combine foremost industry expertise and paramount customer service to provide the best lighting solutions to your project. By adding lighting to your landscape, extends the pleasure and function of your garden. Creative lighting design will provide a new dimension to the aesthetic beauty of your garden, your pool and your home.

Plantation, Irrigation, Maintenance

Literature in every culture eulogizes the garden as a place of sanctuary, an earthly paradise whose natural, organic constituency sets it apart from the wholly man-made realm.
The garden is our own space, and it is here that we have the unusual and unique opportunity to create something for ourselves.


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